Advice for Life, June 22, 2017

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Last week week’s column focused on the 3 major minerals utilized by the human body. This week’s column looks at some common trace minerals our body needs to function.


Deficiency of silicon has been linked with bone and joint malformations as well as reduced collagen in the femur and vertebrae. Silica is commonly used as a supplement for healthy skin, nails, and hair.


Potassium is essential in the functioning of our nerves and muscles and also in controlling blood pressure. Supplementation should only occur if blood tests indicate a deficiency.


Selenium plays an important role in reproduction, thyroid metabolism, DNA synthesis, and protection from oxidative damage and infection. Short term use of selenium is likely safe but long term use should be monitored for possible signs of selenium poisoning.


This mineral aids in synthesis of cholesterol, fats, and proteins and also helps stabilize blood sugar levels. It is sometimes recommended for use in non-insulin dependent diabetics and for those with a diagnosed deficiency.


Found in cells throughout the body zinc supports the immune system and helps our body use carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Zinc lozenges are commonly used for sore throat and short term boosting of the immune system.

As with all medications and supplements always follow directions found on product labels and consult a health practitioner when considering the use of mineral supplements.

Advice for Life, June 8, 2017

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Minerals are essential to the body’s complex systems and we mine many of these nutrients from the foods we consume. Deficiencies in absorption or consumption may lead to health consequences which could require supplementation.


Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and is essential for bones and teeth and for the proper functioning of the heart and nervous system. 99% of calcium is stored in the bones and teeth and when more calcium is required the stored calcium is released into the body. Calcium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis (thinning of bone), rickets (softening of bone), and osteomalacia (softening with pain). Calcium is found in many foods and the daily recommended dietary allowance for adults ranges from 1000 to 1200 mg per day. Supplements containing 500 mg or less of elemental calcium may be used if needed to reach RDA and should be taken with food.


Magnesium might seem like a mundane mineral, but it is pretty miraculous. Some studies suggest it can lift energy levels, combat depression, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, reduce muscle pain, increase bone strength, help migraines, ease PMS symptoms, and aid in cardiovascular conditions and diabetes. As many as 80% of North Americans are magnesium deficient.


Iron deficiency is a surprisingly serious problem in Canada with 8% of women showing signs of lacking this essential mineral. If you appear paler than usual and feel exhausted for no reason low iron might be to blame and you should have some simple blood tests performed. Ferrous iron is better absorbed by the body and should be taken with Vitamin C to improve absorption. Plant based iron supplements are available with lower elemental levels of iron but have less gastrointestinal side effects.

As with all medications and supplements always follow directions found on product labels and consult a health practitioner when considering the use of mineral supplements.

Advice for Life, June 1, 2017

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Quitting refined sugar can be tough. But given how incredibly harmful sugar can be, it is definitely worth the effort. Luckily, there are quite a few sweeteners found in nature that are actually good for your health. They are low in calories, low in fructose and taste very sweet. Here are 3 natural sweeteners that are truly healthy.

Stevia is a very popular low-calorie sweetener. It is extracted from the leaves of a plant called Stevia rebaudiana. This plant has been grown for sweetness and medicinal purposes for centuries in South America. There are several sweet compounds found in Stevia leaves, the main ones are Stevioside and Rebaudioside A. Both are many hundred times sweeter than sugar, gram for gram. Stevia is very sweet, but has virtually no calories. There are some studies in humans showing Stevia to have health benefits:

  • When blood pressure is high, Stevia can lower      it by 6-14%. However, it has no effect on blood pressure that is normal or      only mildly elevated.
  • Stevia has been shown to lower blood sugar      levels in diabetics.

There are also studies in rats showing that Stevia can improve insulin sensitivity, reduce oxidized LDL cholesterol and reduce plaque build up in the arteries. If you need to sweeten something, Stevia may be the healthiest choice. However… many people dislike the taste of Stevia. It does depend on the brand though, you may need to experiment to find one that you like.

Erythritol is another low-calorie sweetener and is a sugar alcohol that is found naturally in certain fruits, but if you’re buying powdered erythritol then it will most likely be made via an industrial process. It contains 0.24 calories per gram, or about 6% of the calories as sugar, with 70% of the sweetness. Erythritol doesn’t spike blood sugar or insulin levels and has no effect on biomarkers like cholesterol or triglycerides. It is absorbed into the body from the intestine, but eventually excreted from the kidneys unchanged. Studies show that erythritol is very safe. However, same as with other sugar alcohols, it can cause digestive issues if you consume too much at a time. Erythritol tastes very much like sugar, although it can have a mild aftertaste.

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol with a sweetness similar to sugar. It contains 2.4 calories per gram, or about 2/3rds of the caloric value of sugar. Xylitol appears to have some benefits for dental health, reducing the risk of cavities and dental decay. It may also improve bone density, helping to prevent osteoporosis snd it doesn’t raise blood sugar or insulin levels. However, as with other sugar alcohols, it can cause digestive side effects at high doses. If you have a dog in your home, then you might want to keep xylitol out of the house because it is highly toxic to dogs.

Product Spotlight May 25, 2017

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Are you suffering from persistent stress, chronic fatigue or an unbalanced diet? If you are experiencing any of the above, you might need support to regulate your acid-base balance. For all important metabolic functions to work optimally, the body’s acid and base must be in the right balance. Unfortunately our modern lives make this very difficult. If your acid-base balance is disturbed, optimal functioning of the body will be impaired. Possible consequences of long-term hyperacidity include: chronic fatigue, pain, weight gain and even osteoporosis. To support your acid-base balance, a well balanced diet is very important. Ensure that alkalinizing foods make up approximately

75% of your diet. Alkalinizing foods include vegetables, fruits and herbs. Acidifying foods include meats, poultry, fish, cheese, milk, white flour products and sweets. The body naturally balances the excess acids in food with its own buffers. But if the balance is tipped too much towards acids, for example due to diet or stress, then your body needs additional support.

Using urine pH test strips, you can determine whether your lifestyle is affecting your acid-base balance. Fluctuations in the course of the day are normal. Prior to breakfast and in the evening for example, the values are in the acidic range. In the case of imbalance, however, urine will constantly excrete acid. The urine pH value is then in the acidic range for the whole day. There should always be some type of “M” curve when you are in balance.

Your best solution for supplementation if needed is BASENTABS pH-balance from PASCOE. It provides:

• Support for a stable acid-base balance with Zinc

• Ideal 3:1 calcium:magnesium ratio

• Proven high alkalinizing capacity. Zinc is valuable for forming buffers and therefore

supports a stable acid-base balance.

Zinc also contributes to maintaining healthy hair, nails, skin, vision, immune system fubction, and bones. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium contribute to healthy muscle function and maintaining healthy bones. In addition, magnesium is involved

in reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Advice for Life, May 11, 2017

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As our outside world turns green it is time once again for TWO Pharmacy’s annual Green Days sale. Join us this Saturday at 9 am for giveaways (FREE kombucha for first 50 customers through the till), seminars and demos at 10 am for Bullet Proof coffee and New Roots exotic oils, incredible door crasher pricing, and great savings on our 8 page flyer in your mail Thursday plus 2 more bonus pages in this edition of The Eagle.

We have been busy with in-store renovations (sorry for any inconvenience) and hope you enjoy the many changes we have made:

  • removal of shelving to increase room in our customer service area
  • new lines of greeting cards and new location down the hallway
  • addition of a full aisle of natural and organic food, drink, and snack items
  • increased cooler space
  • new natural skincare and cosmetic lines
  • increased emphasis on natural cleaning, laundry, and paper products
  • three pharmacists on staff during busiest hours of weekdays

TWO Pharmacy is pleased to announce we now carry many more New Roots Herbal products and we will be featuring a 20% entire line coupon as an introductory special (see below). The name New Roots Herbal symbolizes a rejuvenation of the body and mind, a changing of lifestyles from old harmful habits to healthy new beginnings. The company’s mission is to produce the most therapeutic nutraceutical formulas designed for the prevention and cure of disease. With one of the most advanced laboratories in Canada, New Roots is able to test over 800 raw materials using the latest in analytical equipment, employing a very wide spectrum of specialized and often specific methods. Their raw materials include herbs, vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals, as well as vegetable and fish oils. Every single raw material lot that comes in is tested without exception. To ensure products’ adherence to all relevant Health Canada guidelines as well as labeling requirements, NR employs numerous specialists dedicated to total quality assurance. They help ensure that what is on the label is what goes into the bottle. In addition, they ensure that all products meet all standards for safety and efficacy. Quality control is intimately linked to the production of every bottle at New Roots Herbal.

Finally, as always we want to thank our customers for their incredible support of our new name and focus. Our first quarterly donation to WE Charity provides the WE School program to all schools in Cochrane encouraging thousands of youth in our community to give, fresh drinking water for 10 families for life, and providing access to a medical clinic for two communities. Together we are truly providing health for you and health for another!

Product Spotlight May 4, 2017

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StressCare – Calm Down Quickly in an Over-Rushed World

Why do I need StressCare?
For stress, energy and adrenal support, StressCare is a top choice of multi-taskers, busy moms and dads, corporate climbers and anyone who needs a little relief in our crazy, stressed-out world. StressCare provides year-round or situational support for occasional stress, fatigue, frustration, mood and sleeplessness. Does that sound like you? StressCare is quick, easy and convenient for every day support.
Ayurveda teaches the best defense for wellness starts with our thoughts and describes the plants and foods that support peace of mind. These learnings are the foundation for Himalaya’s StressCare.The combined ingredients in this adaptogenic formula nurture the adrenal glands, which control the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) released into the body supporting energy, vitality and stress response.

What will StressCare do for me?

·          •   Supports the stress-level communication pathway between the brain and the adrenal glands

·          •   Supports normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood

·          •   Supports key endocrine glands to promote peace of mind, vitality and metabolic wellness

·           •  Relaxes the mind and body

·           •  Supports the central nervous system to promote normal relaxation and calmness

Advice for Life, April 27, 2017

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“Shop Local” is a buzzword you see tossed around in Cochrane a lot. Just what does it mean when you do decide to “shop local?” In supporting locally owned businesses you ensure your consumer dollar stays in Cochrane which then multiplies as that local business and their employees spread your dollars to other local businesses. But shopping local is so much more than that. Supporting local businesses who sponsor community events, teams, service groups, and activities is a way to thank them for making our town a better place to live. Shopping local businesses keeps our town unique instead of having the same stores found everywhere. It is disheartening to see some our independent businesses closing due to the slow economy and increased corporate competition. So what is a small business to do? The best thing is to provide unique products, fair prices, great service, and support the community. This is our business plan at TWO Pharmacy and we are totally committed to these 4 principles.

With that in mind we welcome you to our Home Health/Sports Medicine/Mobility Spring Sale! Check pages ??-?? in this week’s Eagle for great deals and information on many services TWO Pharmacy provides which allow you to “shop local” instead of running to Calgary.

For those who don’t know we have another store at the east end of the building housing the main store. TWO Pharmacy Home Healthcare is now a dealer for Drive Mobility and we carry a full line of power scooters ranging from compact to full size. We guarantee the best prices in southern Alberta on mobility scooters so drop in soon for a test drive. You will also find a full rental department with hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and bathroom equipment available. We carry a full line of Elran lift chairs which are also priced very competitively and we offer free set up and delivery. Check out the great coupons in the Eagle flyer! During this sale you can even trade in your old socks or ankle brace for a discount on new compression socks or DonJoy braces this week!

TWO Pharmacy has a compounding laboratory for specialties not found in most drug stores and we have recently installed a state of the art compliance packaging terminal for blister packing making this long time specialty of ours even better. Did you know we carry full lines of ostomy and catheter supplies with trained consultants available to help? We can process all Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) accounts for those covered under this plan, again no need to run to Calgary!

One of the most important services that we provide is TWO Pharmacy Travel Clinic to ensure that your upcoming trips and vacation are healthy ones. Book your consultation with Shiv at 403-932-2500 and he will provide information, vaccinations, prescriptions, and accessories to ensure your time away from home is safe and enjoyable.

Thank you Cochrane for 28 years of “SHOPPING LOCAL!” See you at the store!

AOR Product Spotlight

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The vitamin B family is a group of eight vitamins that have  many essential roles in the body including energy production, mood regulation, nerve function support and offseting the effects of stress. The B-vitamin family includes Vitamin B1 (thiamin), Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (niacin), Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), Vitamin B7 (biotin), Vitamin B9 (folic acid or folate), and Vitamin B12 (cobalamin).

B vitamins are water soluble, and as a result they are easily lost from the body through urine and sweat. This, along with other factors such as a modern diet high in processed foods, makes it easy to become deficient in B-vitamins.  Additionally, certain groups such as vegans, vegetarians and the elderly are at greater risk for becoming deficient. Deficiency can lead to numerous health issues including blood sugar imbalances, neurological disorders, anemia and depression.

Taking a typical B-complex formula may be essentially useless, as your body might not be able to utilize it. The body must convert the B-vitamins into their active coenzyme forms in order to absorb them, and some people have genetic alterations that reduce their body's ability to perform these conversions.  Another downfall of generic B-vitamin formulas is that they tend to deliver exactly the same dose of each B vitamin.  Since the body needs them in different amounts, this makes little sense and can even lead to nutrient imbalances.

These two factors highlight the need for a B-complex supplement that contains all of the B-vitamins in their active coenzyme forms, in evidence-based dosages, and in the correct ratios to one another. Advanced B Complex by AOR delivers the biologically active and most efficient forms of these vitamins in balanced doses to ensure that you get the most out of your B-complex.

Advice for Life, April 13, 2017

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Suffering from a sore throat? Wonder if it may be strep throat? Well wonder no more. Your highly trained, friendly pharmacist at TWO Pharmacy can help you answer that question right now. At TWO Pharmacy, we now offer onsite testing for Group A strep using the BD Veritor system, we are now able to test you or your child for strep throat within 10-15 minutes with highly accurate results. So no more waiting 3-4 hours in the emergency departments, no more waiting 2-3 days before those results come back from the labs, and no more guessing if you should fill the antibiotic prescription written by your doctor in case there is strep. We offer same day appointments to help you and your family stay healthy and happy throughout the year. If diagnosed with strep, our prescribing pharmacists can write you a prescription for an antibiotic and provide it to you on the spot. At TWO Pharmacy we strive to make it easier for you and your family to get access to the best healthcare in town. Call us at 403-932-2500 to book your strep throat test today or online at

Advice for Life, April 6, 2017

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Low breast milk supply is a common concern among many nursing mothers. While most moms produce enough milk to feed their baby, there are natural ways to encourage a larger supply. These include nursing more frequently, staying well-hydrated and consuming foods that encourage milk production. If you continue to have concerns about your baby's growth or your milk supply, speak with your pediatrician and lactation consultant.

Breast milk production is a supply and demand process -- or, more accurately, a demand, then supply process. When your baby completely drains the milk from your breast, this triggers your body to produce more milk. The more often you nurse, the more the demand, and your body will respond with a greater supply. To increase supply, it is recommended to nurse every 1 1/2 to two hours during the day and at least every three hours at night.

Because breast milk is a demand, then supply process, the more often you deplete the breast, the greater your supply can become. If your baby has difficulty depleting your stores or does not want to nurse more often, pumping can speed up the supply. As the aim is to deplete the breast completely, keep pumping for two to five minutes after you see the last drop of milk. Keep in mind, though, that the amount of milk you pump is not an accurate indicator of your supply. A baby with a good suck can extract your milk much more efficiently than any pump.

Taking care of yourself is an essential part of breast-feeding success but may be a low priority when caring for your baby. Your body needs a minimum of 1,800 calories per day while lactating. Trying to restrict more than this to lose the pregnancy weight could leave your body depleted, making it more difficult to produce milk. While "pushing fluids" does not directly correlate to a greater milk supply, drinking in response to thirst is important. Drink enough to keep your urine clear -- typically six to eight glasses each day.

Fenugreek is an herbal supplement, and while there is no scientific evidence that it increases supply, moms have used it for this purpose for hundreds of years, according to certified lactation consultant Anne Smith. Fenugreek is rated as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) but may cause lowered blood sugar. According to Smith, the recommended dosage is two to three capsules taken three times per day. You should see a noticeable increase of your milk supply in one to three days if your body responds to the herb. Before starting any new medications or herbal supplements such as fenugreek, consult with your physician and pediatrician first.

Advice for Life, March 30, 2017

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Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) is a Canadian-based company with an established reputation as a leader in developing advanced, innovative, and research based supplements. Orthomolecular refers "to the right amount of the right substance(s) delivered to the right place at the right time," and it is with that spirit that we craft each of our products. Recently voted America's favourite Canadian supplement manufacturer, AOR is founded upon the pillars of Innovative Research, Scientific Integrity, Quality Manufacturing, and Consumer Education. TWO Pharmacy carries a large selection of AOR products and has stocked the line since 2008.Over the past two decades, AOR has become a leading provider of genuinely innovative nutraceuticals in North America and around the world. Supplements first introduced to North America by AOR include: a true, complete and balanced E-complex; Vitamin K2 in the form of MK-4; and Benfotiamine, a highly bioavailable form of vitamin B1. AOR was also the first in the world to introduce: pure D-ribose, pure R lipoic acid, strontium citrate, oxaloacetate, curcumin nanoparticles, bioavailable Boswellia serrata, and recently, nizagara, the first to formulate supplements based on the direct conversion of nitrate to nitric oxide to support the body's nitric oxide production.

AOR’s diverse team of scientists and medical professionals consistently investigate the latest scientific research and actively seek out new naturally sourced ingredients to develop the most novel products available in today’s natural health supplement industry. AOR is a distinguished provider of exceptionally effective health products and continues to put innovative, research-based natural health products into the hands of savvy consumers years ahead of their acceptance by the mainstream dietary supplement industry.AOR not only provides the highest quality of advanced natural health supplements, but also continuously seeks to educate others about the extensive research and scientific findings that provide the solid foundation for the creation of each AOR supplement. By providing high quality information through our extensive compilation of literature on our website and in magazines, blogs, newsletters, webinars, video and more, AOR offers guidance to consumers and professionals allowing them to better understand how to improve overall health and vitality. AOR recognizes that we have a special duty to provide research summaries that are both scientifically accurate and readily understood by practitioners and consumers alike. Additionally, AOR’s team of Medical advisors span across Canada and play an integral role in health promotion and helping to educate others about the health advantages of using AOR’s natural health products.Each of AOR’s more than 230 unique products have been formulated and created in our state of the art manufacturing facility by our team of research scientists and industry professionals. All AOR products are rigorously tested by independent third parties to ensure the highest levels of quality control and comply with all natural health product licensing regulations set forth by Health Canada. Healthcare retailers and practitioners worldwide have come to trust the AOR brand and rely on our products. AOR operates internationally with head offices located in Calgary, Canada and in Indianapolis in the United States.

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