WE Charity Donation - Quarter 2

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Thank you for voting for this quarter's "Health for

you...health for another" donation of a water system

for a school. The gift of a well provides the tools to

break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future

for students and the school.

WE Charity Q2 Donation Poll

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Two Pharmacy - WE Projects (Quarter 2 2017)

As part of our charitable commitment to WE Charity, each quarter of the year we select the projects that we would like to support. Locally we have committed to funding the WE programs in all of the Cochrane schools. As such, this survey will focus on the International projects. Please take a minute to vote for the top project of your choosing prior to Friday July 31st, 2017 at Midnight.

One survey respondent will be drawn to win a Garmin Vivosmart HR Fitness Tracker.

Click here to access the poll.

TWO Pharmacy Blog, May 2, 2017

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Reid Kimmett, Operations Manager

What’s new in the world of ‘Two’? Since the name change in January we have been working with WE Charity to determine the specific projects that we would like to fund. Our mandate is to support projects locally and internationally that focus on children’s health. We have determined that locally we will be funding the WE Schools program in all Cochrane Schools. Internationally, paying forward your support in the first quarter of the year, we are excited to also be funding Clean Water for 10 Families, for Life, and, Help two communities gain access to a clinic to serve their medical needs, and programming on how to prevent disease and illness.

We thank you for helping to support these projects, and we look forward to making many more meaningful contributions throughout the year.


TWO Pharmacy Blog, January 26, 2017

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Ian Kruger, Pharmacist-Owner

Well, it is finally my turn to give my feed back to you on our recent name change. Kelly, as always, did a beautiful job of thanking all of our customers for supporting both of us over the many years we have been partners. I still remember the emotions that I had opening Main Street Pharmacy in early January 2008 including fear, uncertainty, excitement, nervousness, and anticipation for the future. What has developed since we opened the doors to Main Street Pharmacy has been nothing short of mind blowing for me. We have progressed over the years from Main Street Pharmacy to Grand Avenue Pharmacy and now Two Pharmacy. I will be forever grateful to the Kimmetts and the town of Cochrane for letting me and my family to be a part of this incredible journey.

As Kelly touched on in his article, there have been a number of staff members that have been with us the whole time. It has also been very interesting to see how some of our high school students have grown up in our pharmacy. We have seen them blossom into bright young adults that will do nothing but good in this world. We had a dynamic sister combination, Katherine and Christa, that are currently attending university in British Columbia. Another long time high school employee, Claire who has gone on to graduate from the U of C and is now a practicing RN. We are so proud to say that these “kids” once worked at our store. We have also seen long time employees retire. Deb retired not too long ago and it has been awesome to see how she has used the retired life to continue to challenge herself and achieve her own personal dreams. Recently we have added another pharmacist to our mix. Ken joined our pharmacy team a few months ago and he has fit in so well. He has such a gentle soul that has so much compassion for others. You can tell by just looking at him that his primary goal is simply to help others.

I have had many people ask what does “Two” mean. I challenge you, our loyal customers to come up with your own definition and meaning. The article written by Reid a few weeks ago was brilliant in describing what the name Two means to him and why the name change.  I would like to put a little spin on that definition and meaning. What I have cherished over my time in Cochrane is the relationships that I have had with so many staff members and customers. It takes TWO to build up those relationships between myself and all of you that I genuinely consider my friends. I feel so blessed to have made so many connections over the years and as a pharmacist my main goal and objective is to serve my customers and gain their trust. I feel that the name change to Two Pharmacy is a natural progression in what Kelly and I have built here in Cochrane.   I am very proud to say that the main building blocks that will keep Two Pharmacy growing and progressing are the relationships that all of our staff past and present have made with all of our customers past, present and future.

TWO Pharmacy Blog, January 19, 2017

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Kelly Kimmett, Pharmacist-Owner

On July 4, 1989 we turned the key on Cochrane Drugs’ door to welcome our first customer here in Cochrane. Ten thousand and sixty days later on January 14, 2017 there you were there again (in droves!) to celebrate the rebranding of Grand Avenue Pharmacy to Two Pharmacy! From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for those two special days and the 10,058 in between. What a pleasure it has been to serve the people of Cochrane and area, to come to work every day and see your smiling faces, to hear your stories, to share your happiness, and support you in times of despair as you supported our family in our time of need.

   The dream of owning a small business right here in Cochrane has certainly followed a twisting road of change (only 7 name changes, 4 moves, and 8 major renovations!) but as I said Saturday there have been three constants that are essential to a successful family business. Number one of course is family and we have had the distinct pleasure of having all 3 of our children, Lindsay, Taylor, and Reid helping out at the store in various capacities over the years – from when they were very little breaking boxes, filling drink coolers and stocking shelves (and raiding the 5 cent candy jars!), to clerking and pharmacy teching, to today with Reid serving as Operations Manager. We have been blessed with incredible staff from the outset with Dreva, Jean, and Pat for all 27 years and Kathy, Yvonne, and our fantastic partner Ian all pushing 20 years! Thanks to all of the staff who have come and gone and to our incredible present day roster, you are the key to the store’s success. Finally, and most importantly the third constant is our loyal clientele, without you there is no point in opening that door every morning and we cannot say thank you enough for your support through the years. We appreciate your kind patronage of our family business and your support of all the small businesses in Cochrane – they are what make Cochrane unique and on behalf of all of them – THANK YOU!

   We look forward to the future as Two Pharmacy, a name that is reflective of who we are and what the business is about. Together the ownership, staff, and customers of Two Pharmacy are going to do much “good” in this world and improve health outcomes for children in need here at home and internationally. It is our hope that you support our new focus and will enjoy what WE can do for others less fortunate. On Christmas Day this year our 365 day calendar page read “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” We believe this is exactly what Two Pharmacy is all about and we are excited about sharing our “responsibility for change” with all of you!

Best always, Kelly & Dianne Kimmett and family

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